Fly-Sky Configuration
and Helicopter Setup Manual

Beginners Guide to Configuring

the T6 Program & Basic Helicopter Setup

Revision 1.5 (September 1, 2014)

Primary Author: Jerry Shaw -

Contributors and Editors

GyroGearLoose –

GregoryT – RCDiscuss

KAOS – RCDiscuss

Richard Wick – RC Airplane Setup section

Special thanks to an elite group of pilots on that graciously reviewed this manual before it was published (too many names to list)

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I was inspired to write this document on the T6Config.exe program and general RC Helicopter setup to help new comers to the this exciting hobby understand the basic usage and settings available in this radio and the T6Config.exe program used to configure this versatile but greatly undocumented radio.

This manual is intended to assist the beginner RC Helicopter hobbyist configure the radio and helicopter for general flight. We will not cover advanced control mixing ratios, however by reading this material you will understand the concepts behind each setting which will prepare you for advanced topics as your skill increases.

I am using the Fly-Sky FS-CT6A radio and receiver in this tutorial. This radio is re-branded by numerous vendors and may have a variety of decals. The one I am using is branded Exceed-RC.

This manual does not currently provide program installation steps or USB cable driver information.

There are helpful hints for installing the radio software, cable drivers, and alternative software to the T6Config application located on


Use of this manual, settings, comments, suggestions or anything else within this manual is at the user's own risk. The authors and contributors of this manual take no responsibility whatsoever for the use of this information. We are not responsible for any damage or injuries that may result from the use of this information. Flying an RC helicopter or any remote controlled device has inherent risks. An RC Helicopter is not a toy. Please read the safety guides in this manual.

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