Fly-Sky Configuration
and Helicopter Setup Manual

VR(A) Pitch Adjustment

This dial will allow you to modify the pitch. For example, Too much pitch with a slow head speed will cause the helicopter to be unstable. You can turn down the pitch (CCW) which will allow you to apply more throttle with less pitch. If the helicopter doesn't want to lift at mid stick but has plenty of head speed, you can turn up the pitch (CW). To test this (on the ground), turn the VR(A) dial CCW to 7 o'clock and bring up the throttle up to mid stick or until the helicopter is light in the landing skids. Start turning the dial CW to apply more pitch while maintaining the same throttle input. You will see the helicopter begin to lift as more pitch is applied with the VR dial. More advanced radios will allow you to create multiple pitch curves and switch between them with a toggle switch. The FS-CT6A only supplies this dial for in-flight or pre-flight pitch adjustments.

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