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Recently I was asked to help setup the Fly-Sky T6 radio to work in the RC Boat hobby. The first request was for controlling a sail boat. The next was for setting up the switches to control devices.


Request for sail boat from Don

I am the proud owner of a new  DS-CT6A
digital radio control system.. I bought it with the expectations of
using it to control my 2-function model sailboat. I went through
your manual and was flabbergasted at the complexity of the various
switches and controls. Would you be kind enough to help me enable
the two front paddles for dedicated single controls?
I would like the left paddle switch to control one servo in a
forward/backward motion only. The paddle switch on the right I would
like to control a servo with a left/right motion. One should not
interfere (mix) with the other. Is this possible?
The left paddle I want to go from all the
way back, to all the way forward. No Neutral. This paddle will let
my sails out, and pull them back in. Like a throttle. No center
I would appreciate some help if you would.
Thanks. - Don

Following are the settings for Don's sail boat.

The servo that will be controlled by the right stick for Left and Right directions should be plugged into channel 1.

Keep in mind that only channels 1 and 2 are used. The Heli-90 type takes out the mixing.

Channel 2 is for the left stick (up & down), Channel 1 is on the right stick (Left & Right)

  1. Set Mode to Model 1

  2. Plug the servo that will control forward and backward into channel 2

  3. Plug the servo that will control left and right into channel 1

  4. Set the "Pitch cuv" [Pitch Curve] NOR to:

    1. EP0 = 0

    2. EP1 = 25

    3. EP3 = 50

    4. EP4 = 75

    5. EP5 = 100

  1. EndPoint settings should be the default of 100% for everything.

  2. Reverse, you are only concerned with channels 1 and 2. If a servo does not move in the direction you need, reverse that servo using this editor.

  3. SubTrim adjusts the centering for each servo, again, you only need to adjust channels 1 and 2 to trim up those servos.

  4. DR settings should be the default of 100% for everything.

  5. Type setting to Heli-90

  6. Thro Cuv does not come into play unless you also have a motor on your sail boat. In that case, none of this will work.

  7. Swash AFR settings should be the default of 100 for everything.

  8. Mix, there are three mixes, each with a switch selection. Set all switch selections to OFF.

Don ended up getting a servo extender because the servos only travel 60 degrees end to end. Don needed closer to 140 degrees. He order one from ServoCity

The next boat setup request comes from “Bud”.


Mr. Shaw,

I reviewed your T6 Program write up and it is great. Unfortunately I am only using the basic ACRO set up for RC scale boats so can't take advantage of all the great tips. I have posed my question to a number of different sources and have not come up with an answer. Hate to bother you but just possibly you might have the answer.

I purchased the Digital Radio software and it seems to work perfectly. The one issue I have, and can't find it anywhere, is how to link the SW A & SW B to channels 5 & 6. Also, but not as important, is there a way to link VR A & B to anything? Lots of new terminology here which doesn't seem to lead me to the answer.

We are using these new radios (HK-T6A V2) in RC Scale boats and they look like they will really work out great. No fancy stuff like with the heli version but everything we need. Please visit our website at Lots of great boats in our club.

Following are the settings to allow Bud to use Switch A and B to either control a servo, or turn on/off some device.

Lets say you want SWA to control Channel 6, and SWB to control CH5. With the TYPE set to ACRO, and Switch A & B set to NULL and VR A & B set to null, you can go into the MIX settings. Set MIX 1 source=VR A, Des=CH6, Up Rate to 100% , down rate has no purpose, Switch set to SW A.

Now watch your program graph, and switch A towards you (On position). Adjust VR A to give you the throw you want from that servo. When you toggle SW A On and Off, then CH6 will go from zero input to the adjustment you preset into VR A. This setup allows you to control CH 6 with the VR A dial when the switch A is on.

You can do the same setup for MIX 2 using VR B, CH5, and SW B.

The reverse setting determines which direction the servo will move with the VR dials. It only gives you 30 degrees of servo arm travel. If you need more, then you can get a Servo Extender or if your servos are capable, you can get a servo programmer to set the new limits.


Bud's Response to the settings – IT WORKED

These settings work well for the RC scale boating crowd. It gives you four proportional channels (Mode 2 or Mode 3) and two on/off channels for controlling smoke, sound, lights, horns, winches, etc. Folks don't need much more than that. I have a 6 channel system on a Creole Queen paddle wheel which has throttle, steering, bow thrusters, deck lights, nav lights, smoke and a sound system playing New Orleans jazz. You can see it on YouTube - if you are interested.

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