Fly-Sky Configuration
and Helicopter Setup Manual

Setting up Airplane Differential Ailerons

This configuration is easy to set and is a modification of the Flaperon setting described earlier.
Differential ailerons help a plane to roll, turn and perform better.

 1.  After you establish the line between you computer and the TX, set up your airplane as explained in the "Flaperon" section.  Remember you must have a servo for each aileron for this to work.

 2. Next  access the END POINT screen.   Your right aileron should be controlled by Ch1 and the left by Ch5.

 3.  What differential does is limit the aileron down throw which helps the model to perform better.  If your model rolls better to the right than to the left differential can help.

 4.  Lets use the example above and set the differential to correct this problem in paragraph #3.  Power up the model that you want to add differential too so that the TX is working the control surfaces--just like you are flying.  It is a good idea to disconnect.  In the END POINT screen decrease the down throw limit at least 30% from your end point.  For me since I use 120% as my end point,  I change the down throw limit from 120 to 90%,   The "down throw" should be in the "left side" column of the END POINT screen.  What this does is limit the right aileron drag when it is in the down position making the up left aileron more effective--resulting in a tighter roll or turn.    Carefully observe the change in the down movement of the aileron after making this change. Go ahead and use other percentages  so you can observe the difference in the aileron throw before you set your final change.   If the aileron moves less "up" instead you need to make the change in the other column.  I usually start with a 30%change--120-30= 90.  You may need more or less change as each plane performs different.

 5.  Once you are satisfied with the change-save it and go fly to see if you need less down travel.  The only difference between setting differential for a CT6  and a more expensive TX is that you have to have access to a computer.  A TX with and onboard computer performs the same function.  If you have a lap top or net book computer you can bring it to the field and make changes during your flying session!!

 6.  Although you are using the "Flaperon" program--you do not have to set MIX 2 or 3 if you are not using the ailerons as flaps. 


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