Fly-Sky Configuration
and Helicopter Setup Manual

Binding the Transmitter to the Receiver

The FS-CT6A radio is shipped with a matching receiver that has already been bound at the factory. Therefore you should not have to re-bind it. If you want to bind this receiver to another radio, or to re-bind this receiver follow these instructions: (Note: This procedure is only for the 2.4ghz model)

  1. Install the battery to the 2.4ghz transmitter, and turn it off.

  2. Insert the binding plug into the BAT port of the receiver (see Fig 6)

  3. Connect the ESC to Channel 3, or an external battery (5vdc) to any one of the other channels observing the +/- polarity as in Fig 6. Power up the receiver using the external battery, or connecting the main battery to the ESC. The LEDs should start to flash.

  4. Press and hold the lower left button on the transmitter, and then switch on the transmitter's power switch.

  5. Observe the LED lights on the receivers (main and satellite). Once the LEDs stop flashing, the receiver is bound to the transmitter. It will take about 10 seconds (or less) for the binding process to complete.

  6. Release the match button on the transmitter. Remove power from the receiver, and turn off the transmitter.

  7. Remove the receiver binding plug. Connect your servos and other channels as described in Fig 6.

  8. Test by turning on the receiver without pressing the match/bind switch. Power the receiver, and the LEDs should light steady meaning it is bound to the transmitter.

  9. If the test failed, repeat this process.

Note: If the test fails, and you have other components plugged into the receiver, remove all other connections except the binding plug, and the power connection (ESC or external battery). A shorted component such as a servo can prevent the receiver from powering up, or binding to the transmitter.

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